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Monday, December 12, 2011

MADE Shop Closes!

Hello to all of our friends & customers!

We would like to let you know our exciting news and our plans for the future.

We were offered a teaching position by the UGA (University of Georgia) studies abroad program in Cortona, Tuscany, Italy. We will be teaching the Metals part of the program and are very excited about the opportunity. The whole family will be moving to this old Etruscan Hilltop city in January and look forward to the experience of a lifetime. We will not be returning until the summer.
This of course means certain changes on the home front. We will be closing MADE shop and Studio after the Holidays and look forward to exploring new opportunities that have presented themselves upon our return.
So, if you would like to pop in one last time to wish us luck and for us to have the chance to say good-bye; now is the time!
For Holiday Shoppers, we are extending our hours and will be open everyday until we close (Dec. 24th) and are offering a 20% discount on all MADE Studio jewelry and sculpture, as well as discounts on lots of design pieces.
Thanks to all our customers. It's been a blast!
Dave & Tess
MADE shop
Info on the UGA Studies Abroad Program Cortona

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our latest email campaign - Wish I was a pro.....


Hello From MADE shop...

We make cool stuff!

Hello - Well the Summer is almost over.

We are ready for you.

Stop on by and see what is new.


Wednesday thru Friday - 11-6

Saturday - 11-5

277 W. Main St. Kutztown

Don't forget - KIDROBOT

Plus a cornucopia of great design!


Home Decor




Your design GURUS

Dave and Tess

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is MADE. YES-

Yes "this is made" and so are many things - we make things and like to talk about it! Or, at least, show you things we made or things others made that we like and enjoy. It is all about stuff. Not that we need stuff but we make it and we make our living with it so we live it.

WE live in a STUFF world.

WE like good stuff!

WE would rather have nothing than have CRAP stuff.


Here is some Stuff.

Friday, March 5, 2010

MADE shop sells love - legally!

I have had this LOVE for a year or so and today we sold the LOVE. A fan of Robert Indiana with a heavy duty cutter and some gold paint in his or her shop.

Goodbye LOVE.


MADE shop!

WE rock the design.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

JEWELRY AT MADE shop for St Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is approaching and so I asked myself a question: do I really feel compelled to give, and receive something from my husband just because it is deemed a romantic holiday, not to mention the gross commercialism of the whole thing??? One part of me rejects the whole notion of a day where people give each other gifts of love because they are supposed to, or they feel it will right all the wrongs between them. However, the other part of me says yes, while St Valentine's day could be considered cliche and commercial, it still remains the day that you can declare your love and offer a token of that love to your special person. It may even give a person the courage to tell someone how they feel about them for the very first time or the day that you get an anonymous card in the mail (or slipped under your door), full of undying passionate words of how they feel about you.
So here's to Pope Galasius 1 who in 496AD declared that February 14th would be traditionally the day on which lovers express their love for each other!
And with that, here are some ideas of gifts to think about,

Shawn Ireland wood-fired candlestick
(romantic dinner for two?)

Ring by MADE (obvious romantic symbol of love)

Love Kitty - Japanese Card

Sake Set for Two

Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29th 2010

Is there a better reason for a blog post than January 29th 2010 - It is the day after January 28th 2010 and the day before January 30th 2010 - all great things to celebrate! Everyday is a GOOD one. Are you feeling the Sarcasm?

MADE Shop has Dunny FATALE!

Is there a better reason for a blog post than January 29th 2010 - It is the day after January 28th 2010 and the day before January 30th 2010 - all great things to celebrate! Everyday is a GOOD one. Are you feeling the Sarcasm?

MADE Shop has Dunny FATALE!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Keisuke Serizawa Calendars and Fans

Arrived today - Keisuke Serizawa - Fans and soon at least 8 Calendars from the 70's. Keisuke Serizawa (1895-1984) was a Japanese textile designer. In 1956, he was designated as a Living National Treasure for his katazome stencil dyeing technique by the Japanese government. Serizawa visited Okinawa several times and learned the Ryukyu bingata techniques of dyeing. Serizawa was also a leading member of the mingei movement founded by Yanagi Soetsu. His folk art includes kimono, paper prints, wall scrolls, folding screens, curtains, fans and calendars. Serizawa has also produced numerous masterpieces in illustrated books.

Lot of links to get you excited about JAPANESE design!

You can purchase a fan if you are so inclined but they are selling fast.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

MADE shop: SoHo cool comes to Kutztown - themorningcall.com

Well here it is! Much Much better than the article in the Kutztown Patriot but where are the pictures - I will have to add my own - For all of you who are coming from the Morning Call Website

HELLO! and please stop by...

We are open today (Sunday) until 4PM
Monday - 11-6
Tuesday we are Closed
Wednesday - Thru Saturday - 11-6

It may be cold windy and quiet where you are

but its WARM not windy

and Rockin here at the

MADE shop

SoHo cool comes to Kutztown - themorningcall.com

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

All of the rings HERE..............

Hello - Here is a Link to photos of all of the new Rings - Fabrication domination. I am a solder KING. They are all available if anyone is interested. Let us know what you think?

C ya - MADE!