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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Article in Modern Silver Magazine.

Well - I finally have something exciting to mention - Marbeth Schon has written an article about me "David Jones - Three dimensional animator" Imagine that - someone really likes me and what I have made in the past and hopefully will keep on making in the future. Rock on ME! I rock! Iam a master! I know how to soldier. I have burned myself from time to time with hot metal. I am quite good at turning "junk" into nice things. I am poor........................

Love to all - DAVID JONES - MASTER

1 comment:

hol said...

YES! And high time! Nice piece, in Modern Silver magazine, showing all the aspects of your talent! Rock Star, hummm? YOU ARE A CRAFTSMAN! A fine metal WIZARD!
I am a humble early fan, Hol