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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The studio is cleanish and the pelican is done?

Well- I guess we have been somewhat busy - or your could say distracted. The MINI show at the Historical society went better than expected - (we expected nothing) and then back into the studio - I spent three days CLEANING and reorganizing - what a mess - Also trying to prepare for the colder weather - no real heat in the studio - just a space heater - It gets kinda cold in the foot zone. WE have noticed that things have really S L O W E D D O W N as far as galleries goes which is a bit scary. Maybe we should move to EUROPE - OH can't afford that either. It is going to be three long months. Am I complaining? I guess a bit - but really it is just reality. Back down to the unheated 6.5' tall, cramped, crammed, too small, crappy studio for a day of unparalleled fun.

On another note - the Pelican is 95% finished and I will ship it out next week - after I get my Wisdom teeth extracted on Friday afternoon - I can't wait to have them yanked - once again unparalleled fun. - WE here at MADE are all about FUN.



A.S. King said...

Your studio sounds like my office. Except mine is only 6x8, and 5'8" high, and I can't actually stand up here. And good luck with the teeth! Sleep a lot, be careful, lift nothing and don't smoke! Trust me.

Tell herself we say hello.

Michael Kline said...

I was beginning to wonder when the hell you were going to update us who are "sitting on our hands(hand)". How about a wood stove? Keeps everything toasty for superior production!
I found that my sales increase when I bring up my children, or when I bring my children to the shows. Just let them sit on the carpet playing texas hold'em and your sales will improve, guarenteed.