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Thursday, November 6, 2008

why bother- with a blog - I mean

I need to figure out why I wish to have a blog

- Is it a diary/journal
- am I an entertaining fellow
- is it to generate interest
- to share what is happening currently
- because I have nothing better to do
- not enough work in the studio to keep me busy
- I suppose it is some of all of those things

- But my MAIN reason is to generate interest in what we do as makers and at the same time to make it interesting and perhaps a bit entertaining

- Hopefully - the making will pick up soon and I will be happy enough not to question my reasons for blogging

Hey and do not forget - if you like what you see and want to continue to see it you can click on that

button and give what you can so that we can continue to make more ART - not that anyone really needs art - its not Oxygen - or water.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If I donate $100.00, how many EVEREMAN necklaces do dat get me? I know I owe you for past necklaces, but I don't know how many we started with, or how many I sold and/or gave away or where that money is but I'll chalk it up to a nice credit for you toward a someday trade. Do you need anything from me? And last, but probably should have been first, Martha wants a new wedding ring (from Tess?) I think she saw a ring on the blog, so I suppose it is MADE, but she said Tess, so I don't fucking really know why she said Tess, but I do know that she does want a ring.

All righty then from, The guy who was Papa Smurf last time.