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Friday, July 31, 2009

The UP is ?

Well - The Keweenaw Peninsula in the U P of Michigan is a place I have been traveling to since before I could walk. My Grandparents retired to their birthplace in 1979 - Lake Linden MI....... Boomin up until the 20's with the copper mining industry. This is a magical place - hard to describe unless you have been there. Many beaches, cool weather, lots of relatives, bears, rocks, wolves, mosquitoes, fish, light outside until almost 11pm, thimble berry jam, people who talk like Canadians - Including my 97 year old Grandmother. I love this place.

Have a great day - DAVE


A.S. King said...

Those pictures are gorgeous, man!

Anonymous said...

I think my Grandparents in L L ,the Curtin's knew yours well.