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Monday, August 3, 2009

Decision time - ?????????????

Well - the new year full of opportunity - for us crafty types is almost upon us - and for once in our lives I think our decision is a wise one - NO WHOLESALE shows - If any of you gallery peoples would like to continue to sell our work please contact us via email or on the phone and we will figure something out. This year 2009 has been very strange - no need to bore you with details but lets just say challenging in every respect. We are also going to be making more "one of a kind" type items - what you see is what you get. Perhaps offering the pieces here on the BLOG - first come first serve. I am not expecting a line around the block for the pieces but we need to try something new once again. Beyond sick of doing the "Craft Show" thing which never really worked from day one - unless of course you do 5000 shows a year have no children and live in a RV with a built in MOBILE Studio..... Exciting to think that I do not have to pack and unpack the van with the prospect of raking in hundreds of dollars - (we are talking PURE profit). So give us a ring or drop us an email and lets get this thing rollin'-----------------------

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