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Monday, August 3, 2009

Niagara Falls - PURE BLISS!

Well - forgot to mention in the Michigan post that we stopped at Niagara Falls on the way - cause that's what families do..... Couple of things happened while we were there.

1) The Canadian side of the Falls is "cheesy"
2) While it was raining on our trip before we got to the falls - the HARD stuff was saved for our arrival.
a)when I say hard stuff I mean BUCKETS of water millions of them, no probably BILLIONS all poured on us...
3) WE were committed no turning back - also NO rain gear and 58 degrees.....
4)OH - the parking lot was at least 1/4 mile away and was 20 BUCKS.

We walked to the falls convincing ourselves it was worth it, had the camera in a plastic bag so it did not get wrecked - - took a few "candid" shots of the FAM and then it was time to leave - the shivering had begun. Got to the car and all of us had to change our clothes (we were completely soaked) and then drive another 400 miles to our destination 1/2 way to the U.P. just north of Saginaw - Got there around midnight and checked in at the Fairfield Inn with the toothless receptionist. - When I am looking to hire a person to greet hotel guests I am a firm believer in LESS (teeth) is more.

Have a day!

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