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Monday, August 3, 2009

Lets talk about ROCKS!

I know many people have used rock in many different ways to make cool stuff. We collected rock from a few different beaches when we were in the U.P... All I (dave)have ever done with the rocks is put them in one of my many little cubbies and said to myself I will use them someday.

Well I did make a very cool set of four pins using small agates and such from Michigan and spelled out the word ROCK each letter was a separate pin.... That was in the late 90's ish. ME no sell da pins - they were lifted by some loser, looking for free cheese and wine whilst at Velvet da Vinci in San Francisco during one of there many show openings - I was kinda hoping they would show up at a flea market or thrift store in San Fran - that would be cool..
Has anyone seen them?

One other thing I did with some of the rocks was fill gaps in my tile job in our new killer shower. They work well.

I also sent some to my jeweler friend Terri Logan - she makes rock jewelry.

Well I now have a new hoard of rocks and have made a couple "worry/smile/be happy stones" - the kind you put in your pocket and rub when you are buying a lottery ticket or when you are stressed or just because its something to rub -

My DAD has the first one - and the first one is always the best.

Love ya DAD - - - - - me

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